Quality Veterinary Care for Bovines

Quality Veterinary Care for Bovines

Valley View Veterinary Clinic Provides Both Large and Small Animal Care

At Valley View Veterinary Clinic, we provide veterinary care for both beef cattle and dairy cattle. We provide general veterinary care at an affordable cost for top quality services. We have a haul in facility for anywhere from a few head of cattle to a semi load. We also do farm calls where we come to you.

It is important to keep your herd healthy and disease free. We understand the importance of this to your farm, and are experienced and knowledgeable in veterinary care for beef cattle and dairy cattle.

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Our Bovine Services Include:

- Pregnancy Diagnosis
- Herd health
- Vaccinations (Bang's, respiratory, reproductive, clostridial, etc.)
- Deworming
- Disease surveillance
- Physical exams
- Bull breeding soundness evaluation
- Dehorning
- Haul in facility for a few head to semi loads
- Surgery (C-sections, DA's, hernias, etc.)
- Disease Testing (Bands, TB, Trich, BVD, Johne's, etc.)
- Health certificates and testing for Intrastate, Interstate and International transport.
- Freeze or hot iron branding
- Necropsy (postmortem exams)
- Farm calls
- Portable hydraulic chute available.